20|Third year student at University of Kazoku|Aspiring Teacher|Part time job at a bakery, Home At Last.|


Hinata Hyuuga is polite and soft spoken yet fierce in times of need. She shows compassion and kindness to the people around her and always tries her best at the things that are important to her. Already in her second year at UoK and working most of her free days at Home At Last, Hinata has never been happier. Living in a small apartment right in the middle of the peaceful city, there was only one thing missing from Hinata's life that she was still figuring out - it might be the loneliness that caught her off guard or the warmth that was missing from her bed - she didn't know, but she'll find out soon enough.

Neapolitan Oreo Cookie Dough Truffles
Neapolitan Oreo Cookie Dough Truffles are soft, gooey cookie dough mixed with crunchy, crushed Oreos, dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. They’re full of vanilla-strawberry-chocolate flavor!


Neapolitan Oreo Cookie Dough Truffles

Neapolitan Oreo Cookie Dough Truffles are soft, gooey cookie dough mixed with crunchy, crushed Oreos, dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. They’re full of vanilla-strawberry-chocolate flavor!


Walking under the cherry blossoms after a tiring day at work, despite the busy roads, is always relaxing.

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//Currently writing an opener. Let me know if anyone is interested! I feel like I need to get to know all of you still C:

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marshmallow cats

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It was Valentine’s Day and Suigetsu found himself alone, again. He growled at the thought, “Stupid day!” He cursed and kicked a random rock into the grass. “If I had a girl right now, man! I’d be treating her right! “Then again,” he smirked to himself, “being single is fucking fun! Nothing beats the chase and nothing gets your heart racing like an unexplored lady~” He walked along the busy street talking to himself and not caring who overheard.

At least he had a job today. He pulled a small slip of paper out of his jeans pocket to look it over. Hastily unfolding the note, his eyes poured over the messy handwriting. “Let’s see, what did that guy want again? Smokes, lottery tickets, ramen..,” He rolled his eyes. “this guy must have a hot date tonight.” He came to a halt when he read the next item, squinting closely at the small words he read it again. /Secret Peeping Camera on DVD/ 


Suigetsu snorted as he tried to keep himself under control but he couldn’t help himself. Laughter exploded from his mouth and he threw his head back. He was drawing a lot of attention and that only made him laugh harder. “Secret-” He laughed “camera” and laughed “Hot date!” and laughed “Oh God!” and laughed more. His eyes were filled with tears and he clutched his stomach, laughing away every ounce of breath in him. That’s when it happened.

-LOOK OUT!- -EEK!- ….. -POOF-

He hit the pavement with a loud thud, completely confused. /Uh….. what did I just run into? And… why is everything white!/ He waved his hand in front of his face to clear the /why white?/ smoke clouding his vision. /Did something blow up?/ He wondered, trying to make heads or tails of the situation. What he saw in front of him made him gasp, then choke, then fall into a coughing fit.

There on the sidewalk before him, settled on her /probably scrumptious/ butt, was a small disheveled girl clutching a now empty bag and covered head to toe in what he could only assume was flour. /Oh, that’s what that smoke was./ She was also kind of glaring at him. It was hands down the most adorable thing he had ever seen. 

So he the only thing he could do in that situation: threw his head back and laughed anew

Picking up the supplies from the bench again, she began walking. Her cheeks were flushed from carrying the heavy groceries - she didn’t know why she’d bothered buying the sake! She shook her head, regretting it now that she felt a familiar burn in her arms. If only something could speed things up… She glared at her feet, wishing they could move faster. The bags felt like they were cutting into her hands, and she whimpered softly.

The next second, she heard somebody laughing raucously, looking up too late as their bodies collided and somehow the earth tilted and she fell, hard. She blinked, finding herself on the ground, eyes wide at how the flour covered the entire pavement tile she sat on. Her dark clothes were now white, and so were some parts of her hair. Shocked, she looked at the figure with strangely white hair that…had a faint blue tint to it - now wasn’t the time to take note of such insignificant things! - standing a few steps away.

And then he started laughing again, at her it seemed, and she couldn’t help breathing out noisily before pushing herself up to stand. Her lips began to tremble before her eyes hardened. Hinata felt the anger she rarely felt, bubbling beneath her skin.

Glad that the eggs were still in the safety of her arms, as it would have been a rather sticky mess otherwise, she shook off as much flour as she could, all the while ignoring the (quite annoying) laughter which she was sure was directed at her. Her eyes teared up in frustration as she turned away from him, starting to walk back to the shop in her floury state, leaving a trail of the white stuff in her step.

She flicked her arm to the side, watching the white dust fall from her clothes, and shook her head as she felt her cheeks redden under a passerby’s stare. You couldn’t have gotten yourself in a worse situation, could you?


His baited question hung heavy in the air between them as he awaited her reaction. A toss of her hair, a shake of her head, moonlight dancing within her eyes as evidence of her fluster dusted her cheeks. His gaze flitted from point to point, intrigued by the nuances of her thoughts exposed. He bit back a chuckle, ‘She’s going to say yes, it’s written all over her face.’ and waited for her to discover this herself. 

Stalling, that’s what she tried instead, much to his displeasure. A motion to his camera, a mention of work, and blushing; always blushing. ‘Work?’ The word was hardly fitting, his photographs could never fall into the meager boundaries of profession; he wouldn’t allow it. Sasuke shrugged mostly to himself, she couldn’t know that; didn’t even know his name in fact. /”What is your name?”/ The question came as if he’d cued her with his very thoughts.

Uchiha Sasuke.” He replied, in so much as a grunt. Proper introduction didn’t suit him, felt forced. He’d rather just know and be known, made things simpler. His thoughts ran to business meetings, job titles and false civility permeated with endless handshakes. A bitter taste filled his mouth and he shook it off quickly. “As for my intentions, I hadn’t given them much thought,“He tilted his head aside, watching her with sharp black eyes. ”and I can assure you work is far from on my mind.

Uchiha Sasuke?.. The surname sounded familiar but she couldn’t recall from where or whom she had heard it. He said it in a way he didn’t care much for. She would think about it later, but at that moment he was still staring at her with his dark, captivating eyes. She thought she could smell his cologne and the effect it had on her was unsettling.

"Oh!" - how could she forget to introduce herself, where were her manners! "Hyuuga Hinata." This was an unusual turn of events, thinking that she was dying and then introducing herself to the stranger named Sasuke. She looked away, biting her lip nervously as she contemplated his request. Could something good come from spending the night with a complete stranger whose name she may or may not have heard before?

He was pulling her in slowly and she was fighting hard to get away despite knowing she wouldn’t win. She shook her head, her cheeks still quite pink in the moon’s light, and turned her gaze towards him. She felt nervous but wanted to take this chance of being… Adventurous? Could she call it that? She wanted to make a change…

"Demo.." She couldn’t possibly go out with him! What was she thinking, her mind was getting too flustered and she wasn’t thinking straight. It’ll be getting late soon and - She shook her head and took a step back.

"Gomenasai, Uchiha-san - I - I really should get going now.." Her face had begun reddening, from embarrassment or nerves she wasn’t sure, "maybe we’ll meet again - Oh! I work at a bakery a-and - if you want - if you’re free, you should visit - or not - ano, I mean - if you don’t want to, that’s okay too…" Now she was rambling. She fished for one of the flyers she had laying in her bag. She bit her lip as she thought, never had she ever felt so silly conversing with a male. Could she make more of a fool of herself?


She wondered why her heart was beating so hard in her chest, she wondered how the image of his endless orbs were so clear in her dream - or was this real? She wondered if it was fear that has been making her heart stutter like a tiny birds. She wondered what that noise was - was it murmurs or whispers? Or white noise she didn’t understand? Why did she suddenly feel as if she was falling - yet her surroundings seemed stable enough in her mind. Just the motion of it kept her off balance and all she really wanted to do was open her eyes - to get rid of those lovely eyes and the warmth and sweet scented cakes and noise - Wake up wake up wake up now is not the time to be falling, don’t you dare let go -

Hinata screamed, her eyes shut tight as she shot right out of bed, kneeling her on the floor with her forehead touching the cold tiles. Breathe, breathe - just like that. After a couple of minutes she straightened, her dark hair falling like a waterfall down her back, one of her hands going straight to her heart and the other pushed herself up. She stood in her dark room, her lip trembling, fighting the urge to let her tears fall and breathed in a shaky breath.

She couldn’t understand what these dreams were about, but she felt as if her heart was going to fall and become fragile and vulnerable and not knowing who will hurt her or when.. but these dreams that have occurred almost every night of the week have been scaring her. The dream itself was not scary, so why was the timid young woman afraid of something that was not real?

She sat down on the edge of her bed and held her head in her hands, breathing in and out slowly. She was getting herself worked up for nothing, it must be the stress of exams that is triggering something in her subconscious. She nodded, agreeing with herself and got into bed again.

There’s nothing to be afraid of… Right?

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